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Self care is the act of being gentle with and prioritizing SELF. Whether it's crafting, yoga, dance, meditation, henna, drumming, whatever, self care should help us to connect with others and ourselves. These opportunities will allow us to learn mindfulness strategies and to expand our support systems.



Feeling stuck? Trouble connecting with others? You have the power to create the life you desire! Let me help you begin that journey!

This 6 module online self care program is for the professional woman who wants to make deeper connections and a greater impact on the world around her. You will explore your strengths and opportunities for growth, visualize the future you desire, learn the importance of self-care in success and how to do it, and more!



Ready to make powerful, positive changes? Join us for a wellness day-cation!

Yoga! Dance! Crafting! Drumming! Museum strolling! Stay tuned for these pop-ups, designed to help you connect with other women in healthy, positive ways while honoring your highest self. These gatherings will happen throughout the community.


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